About the Society

Established 1978, QUGS is the tabletop gaming society of the University of Queensland.

We enjoy playing a broad range of game genres including abstract strategy, bluffing, cooperative, deck building, drafting, engine building, press your luck, role-playing, set collection, worker placement, and many more.

Membership costs $5.00 for the year and being a student is not required. Everybody from complete novices to hard-core tabletop gamers are welcome. You are welcome to attend for a few weeks before joining.

QUGS meets on Mondays, starting at 5:00pm for board games, and on Thursdays, starting at 6:30pm for a Magic: The Gathering draft. We meet throughout the year, including university holidays, and usually only halt for university exam block and force majeure.


QUGS has partnered with several Brisbane based gaming businesses, who kindly provide our members with discounts and deals upon the presentation of a membership card.

The following table lists the QUGS partners in 2021.

Partner Location(s) Benefit Website
Good Games Upper Mount Gravatt 5% Off goodgames.com.au/au/stores/qld/upper-mount-gravatt
BrisVegas Comics & Games Fortitude Valley 5% Off brisvegascomics.com
Ace Comics & Games Annerley 5% Off acecomics.com.au
The Dice Spot Geebung 5% Off thedicespot.com.au
Dark Magician Games Ipswich 5% Off
2d6 Games Online 5% Off 2d6games.com.au
Meeples & Dragons Online 10% Off meeplesanddragons.com.au
Mind Games Brisbane City & Southport 5% Off mindgamesbrisbane.com
Irresistible Force Tanah Merah 5% Off irresistibleforce.com.au
Saga Games Alderly & Ipswich 5% Off sagagames.com.au
Netherworld Fortitude Valley Free Arcade Token with Every Drink netherworldarcade.com
Big Play Games Chermside, Indooroopilly, North Lakes & Robina 10% Off In Store
5% Off Online
Present of Mind Fairfield, Paddington & Toowong 10% Off presentsofmind.com.au
Vault Games Brisbane City 10% Off (Exclusions & Conditions Apply) vaultgames.com.au
Games World Carindale 5% Off


1979Ken Toohey P  David Bugler E 
1980Noel Bugeia PKen Toohey
Geoff Tuck A
Graham RawlingsDavid Bugler E 
1981Denis ClancyGeoff TuckGraham RawlingsDavid Bugler EKevin Flynn AE
1982Denis Clancy
Alan Bradley A
Noel Bugeia Jack Ford Kevin Flynn E 
1983Alan BradleyNoel BugeiaJack FordNina Williams E 
1984Alan BradleySteven LowJack FordKevin Flynn E 
1985Mark MarychurchEric ToppAndrew RobinsonJack Ford E 
1986Mark Marychurch Andrew RobinsonJack Ford E 
1987Ian JamiePaul AgapowAndrew RobinsonJack Ford E 
1988Richard Shepherd Neil MackTimo Nieminen E 
1989Sandra DresdockSimon HowellNeil MackJack Ford C
Stefan Stanley E
Timo Nieminen AE
1990Paul KinslerTaina Nieminen ANeil Mack
Andrew Noskoff A
Jack Ford C
Timo Nieminen E
Graeme Finsen AV
1991Paul KinslerTaina NieminenAndrew NoskoffJack Ford C
Timo Nieminen E
Gary Johnson V
1992Gary JohnsonPeter FordyceAndrew NoskoffJack Ford C
Nick Lawrence E
Justin Radomyski V
1993Gary JohnsonPeter FordyceRichard ShepherdJack Ford C
Nick Lawrence E
Justin Radomyski V
1994Robert ThiemTravis HallGary JohnsonJack Ford C
Sebastian Tauchmann E
Mark Anderson V
1995Daniel EdwardsRobert Semple
Travis Hall A
Craig SargentJack Ford C
Gary Johnson E
David Astley V
1996Daniel EdwardsDavid DarlingtonTony OsborneTravis Hall C
Gary Johnson E
David Astley V
1997Bronwyn WalkerGary JohnsonDale EdwardsTravis Hall C
Gary Johnson E
Peter Fordyce V
1998Peter FordyceBen Skellett
Brad Henry A
Dale EdwardsTravis Hall C
Ben Skellett E
Ernest Cheung AE
David Astley JV
Darryl Greensill JV
1999Kate Davis ANick Frampton AAaron Rubin AGary Johnson C
Nick Frampton AE
David Astley V
2000Kate DavisNick FramptonLawrence Wong AGary Johnson C
Nick Frampton E
David Astley JV
Darryl Greensill JV
2001Paul DouglasNick FramptonLucas PapadopoulosGary Johnson C
Nick Frampton E
David Astley JV
David Cowland-Cooper JV
Darryl Greensill JV
2002Kylie FisherBen YeohJames CooperGary Johnson C
Kylie Fisher EJ
Nick Frampton EJ
Gary Johnson EJ
David Astley JV
Kevin Brake JV
Darryl Greensill JV
2003Kylie FisherNicole HoyeNikolas MooreGary Johnson C
Gary Johnson EJ
Nicole Hoye EJ
David Astley JV
Darryl Greensill JV
2004Tim WoodhamsAlyssa JuergensNikolas MooreGary Johnson C
Gary Johnson E
David Astley JV
Darryl Greensill JV
Nicole Hoye JV
2005Andrew BautovichAlyssa JuergensNikolas MooreGary Johnson C
Gary Johnson E
David Astley JV
Tim Woodhams JV
2006Brian BalzanoAlyssa JuergensNikolas MooreGary Johnson C
Gary Johnson E
David Astley JV
Ernest Cheung JV
Eric Faccer JV
Darryl Greensill JV
Jeff Thomson JV
Tim Woodhams JV
2007Tim Woodhams AJared Mallett AChris Burke AGary Johnson C
David Astley JV
Darryl Greensill JV
2008Jared Mallett ALachlan Fraser AChris Burke AGary Johnson C
David Astley JV
Tim Woodhams JV
2009Jared MallettLachlan FraserAngus FraserGary Johnson C
2010Lachlan FraserDevin SmithHugh PearceGary Johnson C
Horatio Davis JV
Sebastian Winterflood JV
2011Sebastian WinterfloodDevin SmithHugh PearceGary Johnson C 
2012Aidan CockroftJesse IrwinMaximillian von NeumannGary Johnson C
Tyson Henning JV
Devin Smith JV
2013Callum MasonMarc LimMaximillian von NeumannGary Johnson C
Tyson Henning JV
Devin Smith JV
2014Dominik Osika AThomas Bremner ACallum Mason AGary Johnson C
2015Thomas BremnerBen HaleyAlia StarkGary Johnson CYong Ming Lim V
2016Natasha SteigerThomas BremnerCatherine Shield  
2017Lee PhillipsHarvey Kay-Burman
Bradley Stone A
Catherine Shield
Rob Copel A
2018Lee PhillipsDakota EdwardsABradley Stone  
2019Bradley StoneSamuel ParchertLee Phillips  
2020Bradley StoneRenee BonneyLee Phillips  
2021Bradley StoneJzi Sinn TanMairah Zulkepli  
A Acting officer.
C Custodian.
E Editor.
J Joint position.
P The President was originally titled “Chairman”.
V Vice-President.

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Semi–Annual QUGS Twilight Imperium Champions

Twice each year, on a Monday public holiday, QUGS runs a game of Twilight Imperium.
Since its inception in 2019, the winners have been:


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